Jean-Marc Dhainaut

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The Horizon-Blue House, by Jean-Marc Dhainaut.

Synopsis :

The story begins with the young Thomas Anneraux, five years old. His nights are restless. He feels and sees a presence in his room: a man appears near his bed and terrorizes him. The child’s fear quickly contaminates his family. Her mother, Hélène, tries to reassure as best she can, but quickly ends up losing ground. Her husband is absent for work.

One night, his son Thomas shouts in his room. Hélène rushes, but the door closes violently. The child screams, objects are thrown around him, and the door remains jammed. Hélène calls her daughter and Mélanie, the servant, to her aid. And when the door opens, the child is terrorized over under his blankets. When she hears an interview with a paranormal specialist on the radio, Hélène understands that she has no other choice and must ask for help. The strange phenomena in his house are increasing and his family may be in danger. Despite her daughter’s disagreement, she dials the phone number of Alan Lambin, announced at the end of the show.

We are during the dreadful winter of 1985 in France. A large-scale cold snap begins and snow is forecast.

Alan leaves his native Brittany and sets off for the house of the Anneraux family, in the Somme. On the train, he has a strange dream after reading in the newspaper an article on the anniversary of a battle that took place in 1915, in the area where he goes. Awakened brutally, he does not yet realize that this dream will open a door to the unthinkable.

The family house is large. Alan has trouble finding the address, but when he arrives at the gate, he becomes skeptical. This house undoubtedly fuels the imagination of the family like all haunted houses. The welcome from Peggy, Hélène’s daughter, is cold. She does not approve of the arrival of Alan Lambin while his father is away.

Outside, the storm intensifies and the snow accumulates dangerously. There is no more electricity. Alan explores Mr. Anneraux’s house and office. He discovers, hidden in an old book, a piece of letter dated 1915 and a dried poppy. He frowns, as the handwriting on paper seems to have passed by time:

 « Sector of Ypres. Belgium, January 1, 1915. My tender Louise. I wish I could tell you that I look forward to seeing you again. The cold weather breaks my fingers and I find it difficult to write these few lines to you, but it you should know that … « 

Intrigued, he explores the rest of the house up to the attic. He witnesses a strange appearance. The ghost of a woman in a fully wet dress crosses the attic and seems to indicate something to her under the floor before disappearing. He discovers other letters written from the trenches. He had read only a few lines that the face of a man appeared a few inches from his: that of a French soldier in Blue-Horizon uniform. And this ghost orders him to leave the house. Alan is stunned. He’s afraid by his dreams. Mina Arletti, his assistant is medium, but not him. What’s happening? Why he sees all that things? He is a scientist, he needs all his electronic material, but now all is different. His skepticism and rational explanations are shattered. The house is really haunted, and it is telling to him about his tragic memory.

Biography :

Jean-Marc Dhainaut was born in the North of France in 1973. Fascinated since his childhood by the genius of Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone, he explores the time mysteries, the torments of history and legends. His emotional intrigues, mysterious and shivering are regularly nominated and favorites in France. 

Bibliography :

  • 2016 : Au-delà d’un destin / Editions Edilivre (droits récupérés en 2019 en attente de réédition)
  • 2017 : La Maison bleu horizon / Taurnada Editions
  • 2018 : Les Prières de sang / Taurnada Editions
  • 2019 : Les Galeries hurlantes / Taurnada Editions
  • 2020 : Les Couloirs démoniaques / Taurnada Editions